The Group of Companies

Since 1998, the group of companies North Aegean Slops S.A., has been committed to the protection of the environment, providing a comprehensive portfolio of environmental services, in full compliance with the relative international, European and Hellenic Legislative and Regulatory Framework for the Environmental Protection.

Furthermore, the group provides a wide range of consultative services such as elaboration of environmental studies and waste management plans

The company’s headquarters are located in Thessaloniki, while it maintains branch office at Volos.

Driven by the strictest requirements on both legislative framework and health and safety at work, the company has not any damage history on third parties or pollution.

Scientific training, continual education, long-term personnel experience, and modern infrastructure consist the background on which our business grows and operates daily.

The company has all licenses and contracts necessary to provide its services in the safest and lawful way. In particular, concerning waste management in Hellenic level, the company can collect, transport and manage the following types of waste:

Used oils
Hazardous and oily waste (registered by the competent Hellenic Ministry with the code number 0008)
Used batteries & accumulators
Non-hazardous waste (registered by the competent Hellenic Ministry with the code number 023)

All company’s activities are certified according to the standards:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
  • ELOT 18001:2007 / BS OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System
  • ELOT EN ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System
  • SA 8000:2014 και
  • ISO 16304:2013.

The company collaborates with certified Systems of Alternative Management of Waste, covering all possible streams (i.e. packaging waste, used batteries & accumulators, waste lubrication oils, used vechicles’ tyres, waste electrical & electronic equipment, construction, demolition and excavation wastes.

Furthermore, it is member of the Hellenic Solid Waste Management Association (HSWMA) and the National Association of Environmental Protection Companies (PASEPPE).

In the fields of research and development and the optimization of its services, the company collaborates with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

A demonstration of company’s strong reliability and validity is considered the award granted to it in 2007 by the Prefecture of Thessaloniki, concerning its effective environmental practices and services in the field of waste management and marine protection.

Beside the parent private company NORTH AEGEAN SLOPS, the Group is consisted by the following companies:


Management of industrial and hazardous waste. Consultancy. Development and management of investment plans.

ASINIOS LITHOS Maritime Company

Management of the vessel “ASINIOS LITHOS”: Collection, storage and treatment of oily waste from ships.

ALKIPPI Maritime Company

Management of the vessel “ALKIPPI”: Collection of waste from ships and cleaning of the sea surface.

ΑΣΤΡΑΠΗ Ναυτική Εταιρεία

Management of the vessel “TASOS”: Collection of oily waste from ships, cleaning of sea surface, oil-spill response vessel.

ASINI Maritime Company

Management of the vessel “ASINI”: Oil spill response vessel.

THERMAIKOS OILS Maritime Company

Management of the vessel “TASOS II”: Collection and treatment of oily waste from ships.

ALON SEVOU Maritime Company

Management of the vessel “ALON SEVOU”: Sea transport of people.



ISO 9001:2015



ISO 14001:2015



ΕΛΟΤ 1801:2008 / OHSAS 18001:2007



ISO 16304:2013



SA 8000:2014